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What are your information flows? If a department, standard operating procedure, or some component of your service isn't working anymore, how would you find out? Do you have a system in place that makes it easy for unpleasant information to get to you?

If you ever feel like no one is on your side, consider this: there's an army of white blood cells inside you right now, greater in number than the entire population of the planet. This army, some 100 billion strong, patrols your body at all times, ready to protect and defend you. Everywhere you go, they’re with you. You can't forget to pack them, you can’t misplace them. It's truly fascinating to watch.

So remember, you’ve got an army of 100 billion on your side.

Have you ever tried recording a video message for someone? Perhaps you’ve used Loom to record a message for a colleague or for a sales lead. Do you always send your first take? If you’re like many people you have an occasional false start and try a couple of takes, or even more. Why? Because you can.

The option to easily start over is fertilizer for seeds of doubt. “Was that good enough?” “Could I have said that differently?”

Yet, in daily conversations with those same people, how many times do you stop the conversation to give it a second take? Many decisions are best treated like daily conversation, but we can easily end up treating them like a prerecorded video riddled with false starts, second takes, and second guesses.

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