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Procure purpose with a mission

There are essential tasks in every business that are, in and of themselves, mundane. Yet, mundane tasks, when understood to be part of a larger mission or goal, can become purposeful, even profound.

What is your mission or big-picture goal? How does your business, project, or work impact others? If these questions leave you stumped, start by defining your mission and its impact. By understanding the bigger goal, one can find meaning and purpose in seemingly mundane tasks.

An inspiring (though possibly apocryphal) story about John F. Kennedy illustrates this. The story goes something like this: while visiting NASA in the early days of the Apollo program, the President encountered a janitor and asked what he did at NASA. The janitor responded, "I'm helping put a man on the moon, Mr. President.”

A version of a similar allegory goes this way: Three men, all laying bricks, are each asked what they’re doing. The first man says “I’m laying bricks”. The second man says “I’m helping build a hospital”. The third man says “I’m helping save lives”.

Procure purpose for your work by defining the vision and focusing on the mission.


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