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The perfect temperature

Did you know that there is supposedly a precise optimal temperature for different foods and beverages for maximum flavour? (I'm not talking about food safety as it relates to cooking certain foods to a minimum temperature so as to kill off harmful microorganisms before consumption.)

Here’s research that focused on the ideal temperature for hot coffee and soup. But when was the last time anyone ever took their dinner’s temperature before eating it to ensure maximum flavor? No one sits there and debates with themselves about whether the temperature is just right before enjoying the food. The idea is that there’s a preferable temperature range that our palate instinctively recognizes without the need for precise measurement. It’s either too hot, too cold, or tastes great.

Many areas of creative work and art are similar. Like cooked food, you can instinctively tell if something is too hot, too cold, or just right. You can tell whether it’s within an acceptable range of goodness, all without a precise measurement. Once it passes the taste test its time to publish or launch, otherwise it's never finished.


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