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Consistency where it counts

No one ever says: “I love this place, you never know what you’ll get, that’s why it’s my favorite restaurant. One week it's a steakhouse the next it's a vegan buffet.”

Imagine watching a favorite TV show and suddenly a different actor is playing your favorite character.

If a brand changed its logo every week you wouldn’t know what brand you’re dealing with anymore. The brand value would disappear and so would customers.

Have you ever noticed a variation of this line that has appeared in Apple’s marketing for years: “entirely new, yet familiar.” Some variation of that line pops up every time Apple releases a new version of an existing product. If Apple made the iPhone entirely different on each iteration then the things that make an iPhone an iPhone would disappear and so would customers.

Consistency, where it counts, is the foundation for a successful business. But where does it count? Do you know what it is about you or your business or offer that draws your customers back? And if your customers aren’t coming back perhaps it's an issue of consistency.


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