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A decision is better than indecision

Sometimes, even a wrong decision can be better than no decision for a business.

For example, imagine you’re faced with the decision of expanding your company into a new market. You have two options: Market A, which seems promising but risky, and Market B, which appears to be stable but offers slower growth. Unable to make a decision, you remain stagnant, missing opportunities in both markets.

Alternatively, you could choose to expand into Market A, only to find that it wasn't as lucrative as initially thought. Despite the setback, you learn important lessons about market research, risk management, and adapting your business strategy. Equipped with this insight, you pivot and expand into Market B, using the experience gained in Market A to succeed and grow your business.

By making a decision, even if it was the wrong one initially, you gained valuable insights and experience that contributed to your eventual success. Decisions, even imperfect ones, are essential for progress and learning.


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