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Regarding survey/feedback data collection: Have you ever encountered a survey or feedback form where you're only given two options but neither fits your true response? While a binary choice of positive or negative can lead to the appearance of efficiency for the organization deploying the survey, the efficiency may be solely tied to the survey itself. Not necessarily an efficient path to product or service innovation. In fact, this appearance of efficiency may actually be hiding opportunities for innovation. Allowing for, better yet asking for, open-ended answers can lead to insights that cannot be uncovered by a binary choice alone. It could reveal a problem that you weren't even inquiring about. Create a means for unexpected insights to reveal themselves.

Who is responsible for writing a job description in an organization? Is it the hiring manager? The HR department? The recruiter? All of the above? If all of the above, who drives that collaboration? Job descriptions are really a form of marketing for your business, but instead of attracting customers, you're attracting talent. Yet, job descriptions rarely receive the level of attention and resources allocated to marketing.

Thoughtfully constructed job descriptions attract the right talent, set expectations for the role, and provide clarity on what success looks like in the role. Poorly written job descriptions drag out the talent acquisition cycle and drive up costs.

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