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AI Consulting Services

I help businesses incorporate generative AI to improve efficiency and innovation. My services include analyzing your current operations, identifying use cases for your business, and creating a custom AI strategy for your needs.

Strategy Development

Helping clients access their AI readiness and develop a strategy to effectively incorporate AI into their business model.

Innovation Workshops

Conducting workshops to foster innovation and creativity in the application of AI technologies.

Business Analytics

Leveraging AI to enhance business intelligence capabilities and derive actionable insights from data.

Use Case Identification

Identifying areas within a client's organization where AI can bring about tangible improvement & solve existing problems.

Vendor Selection

Assisting clients in choosing the right AI vendors and tools that align with their specific needs and budget.

Research & Development

Guiding clients through the R&D process for proprietary AI solutions.

Prompt Engineering

Develop AI prompts to improve quality of output. Develop novel methods to automate AI prompt generation.

Project Management

Offering support in managing AI projects, from inception to implementation and evaluation.

Operational Efficiency

Assisting clients in using AI to streamline operations, reduce costs, and increase efficiency.

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